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Cali – Utah Child Photographer


This is Cali. She is a vibrant, smart, beautiful little girl. I had the opportunity to document a piece of her life today, and it was a dream come true for me. Having a son on the autism spectrum, I understand the importance of early intervention therapies. I always loved watching his amazing teachers work with him. Every time I stopped by his classroom, I wished I had a camera to document his growth, and the real smiles on his face as he interacted with his classmates. So when Cali’s mom was interested in having me photograph Cali and her developmental specialist from Autism Journeys, I was so happy! I can’t wait to share the images, but for now, I just wanted to share this one that I thought captured her sweet spirit perfectly.

By the way, Cali’s mom Chelsea has an amazing blog called “Where Did the Bird Go” that I love! She writes about her experiences as a mother. My favorite part is “Friday’s Sweet Signs of Hope,” where mothers (or children on the autism spectrum) share their story of hope. I love Chelsea’s philosophy that sometimes autism is hard, but she would never wish it away. She shares Cali’s story of hope here. If you have a couple minutes, make sure to watch the video at the bottom of the post-I thought it was really inspiring.

Chelsea - Lyndsey! This is absolute perfection. Truly you could not have captured a more genuine smile. Makes me happier than you can imagine…or actually you probably can imagine;)

I think you are on to something here and are going to do great things in the autism community. Extremely glad we were able to connect. Talking with you was wonderful, but I am even more excited to see this friendship blossom over the years. Thanks again for coming! Can’t wait to see more!!

Fall Family Photography Sessions

I had a great time with this group at Wheeler Farm in Salt Lake City, Utah! This was one of my child photography mini-sessions from May. I love to walk around and get to know the kids (and teens!), and use their personalities as a guide as we do the photo session. They were so different from each other, and so great all together!

My family and children photography sessions in Utah are focused on candid moments and the interactions you enjoy together. My goal is to get you great memories of what your family was like at the time of your session. Sessions are relaxed and fun. I’m happy to snap some more posed portraits, but my hope is that it will be a time for your family to spend quality time together while I document your family!

Fall is coming up and my schedule is filling fast! Contact me to schedule your family photography session in Utah this fall! I won’t be scheduling outdoor sessions in December this year, so make sure to book early. As always, I’m available for in-home lifestyle sessions any time of the year!

My Angel – Utah Child and Family Photographer

Let me introduce you to my son (I’m sure you’ll see my daughter on here soon enough). I call him my angel because he has blessed my life in countless ways. This first photo is one of my favorites, because it really shows his sweet soul.

The following is an excerpt from a post on my other blog:

There was something special about him from the beginning. I documented him-every time I felt, I grabbed my camera. As he got older, I would keep taking photos until I got his smile and his eyes. His amazing eyes that told me so much. Yet, because I am his mother, I didn’t realize he was far away. I kept documenting and soon noticed something was wrong.

Why didn’t he communicate with me? How come he didn’t try to play with me? Was it normal that he could do his own thing for hours? But he was so smart and loving! My son was diagnosed with autism. I worried and worried-what did this mean? What would he be like when he grew up? I soon discovered that I didn’t need to worry. I KNEW my son. I found him through my lens. I have photos of him smiling at me and looking deep into my soul. It was then that I knew I wanted to be a photographer to document life.

My passion for recording Max’s life continued. I photographed him as we worked through some new therapies. I took photos as he began learning at preschool, and as he soon learned to talk and express himself. Early intervention has helped him on his journey to become who he already was, who I already saw in his eyes. I will be forever grateful to the amazing teachers who have loved him and seen his soul and his potential.

This photo also shows who he is. He has the most infectious laugh that lights up a room! He captivates people’s attention out in public, because he is so interested to know how old they are and what kind of car they drive. He loves popsicles (as you can see from the popsicle stick in the photo) and Legos. It is pretty incredible what this kid can do with a box of Legos. This creation is nothing compared to what he is making now!

My angel has blessed my life because he inspired me as a photographer. He has helped me develop a vision for this blog. Simply put, I want to tell stories: stories of children and their families, through images and words. Since my family has been blessed by autism, I would love to work with other families in Utah that also have children on the autism spectrum. I would really love to photograph any child and family in Utah though, because each has their own unique experience and personality. Plans are in the works to share some incredible family stories soon!

Kirstin Berwald Johnson - I am originally from Utah but live in Oregon now.

I have my own angel, Luke, who is 12. I too have found inspiration from my son and the world he sees. He is why I am returning to get my masters; to many people are being thrown away.

I am truly blessed to have a child who prattles on about the importance of Malala Yousafzai and Martin Richards, even if it does make for few friends for him. Those who choose to take the time to be his friend, will not regret it.

I wish this site luck. As a parent of a child on the ASD spectrum, it is the rare view that you get into their magical world. Rarer still, a glimpse of their beautiful hearts.

Featured on Sweet Little Peanut – Utah Child Photographer

I had the opportunity to work with Sweet Little Peanut on one of their styled shoots this past week. I was especially excited that it was for their 4th of July holiday posts. Megan of Sweet Little Peanut is fabulous to work with-her ideas are darling and so easy! She created a little 4th of July party for children with details that I just loved! Here’s a little bit of the cuteness I photographed at McPolin Farm in Park City, Utah.

Check out this post to see how to make these darling pinwheels-they could be used for any holiday with different paper!

I also had the opportunity to photograph the brains of Sweet Little Peanut, Megan, and her own little peanuts! Every Friday is Fashion Friday on her blog, and she used my photos to show off their darling 4th of July attire!

Children Photography Utah

I absolutely love to work with children-especially when I get to photograph them in beautiful Utah! When I taught third grade for several years, I remember just wanting to take photos of everything that was going on. Even when the kids were goofing off when they should have been working. I just love photographing children being themselves. To this day, some of my favorite images are those I took of my students at recess interacting together.

Recently I did some mini-sessions where I photographed children in Utah. I walked around Wheeler Farm with the children and we had a lot of fun! Working with children is my favorite. Here’s a peek at one of the children’s sessions in Utah!